DIY Advice – Roof Renewal

It’s Time To Paint – Roof Renewal 

For Hardcore DIYer’s.

Skill: Intermediate.

Something as simple as giving your roof a fresh lick of paint can totally transform the look of your entire home. Traditionally shades of brown and terracotta are used but with the large range of colours currently available at our Shave stores, you can be much more adventurous than what you previously would have been limited to.


Shaves Shopping List:

Wire brush

Paint brushes


Dekade Dekaroof



As always the first step is usually the most tedious but also the most crucial – preparation! Firstly clear away all leaves and loose debris that can end up clogging up your gutters. Get rid of any flaking paint from your roof by giving it a good scrub with a wire brush and wash the surface with Sugar Soap. If you have a high – pressure cleaner your job will be much easier than having to scrub for hours on end. If there are any areas with fungal or mould growth, use a solution of 1 part bleach to 4 parts water and scrub vigorously to eliminate the growth. Be careful as this solution can leave the treated area feeling very slick and slippery. Rinse the roof carefully and allow the tiles to dry before applying roof paint as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


Getting it Right the First Time.

The paint used on your roof needs to be water, light and heat resistant and should not crack, fade or peel. Ensure the paint you choose works well with the materials on your roof. Dekade Dekaroof is an extremely durable, weather resistant coating for tiled and galvanised roofs. It is also UV resistant to ensure your roof stays beautiful for a long time.


Dekade Dekaroof is available in both 5ℓ and 20ℓ quantities. Since this paint dries so quickly you can give your roof a second coat within an hour. This makes your roof painting an easier task as two coats can then be applied on the same day.


Saftey First

Make sure your ladder is reliable before your start your painting and ensure that it is placed on stable ground at the correct angle. You don’t want to fall off and risk personal injury or be left yelling for help perched on top of your roof! Another sensible piece of equipment needed before venturing up on your roof is a sturdy pair of working shoes with good traction. A pair of protective glasses will also ensure that none of the diluted bleach solutions gets into your eyes.