DIY Advice – Top Painting Tips for Exterior Walls



Painting the exterior of your home is all about the timing, be sure to have several days of good weather to complete painting your home. Ideally,  the winter time would be the best time to paint your exterior walls.

  • Start by dividing each wall into manageable sections that you can finish in each session of painting- a good tip is to use features like windows and drainpipes as your boundaries.
  • When painting heavily textured walls, try holding your brush at a 90-degree angle and dabbing the bristles into the surface with a stippling action.
  • Wrap newspaper around the downpipes and hold it in place with tape. Start painting at the top of your house, and work your way downwards so the newly-painted surface doesn’t get splashed. Push the brush carefully right behind the downpipes.
  • Use short horizontal or vertical strokes when you’re painting. It’s a good idea to apply a loaded brush to an unpainted area and work your way back to a painted area.
  • Paint in the opposite direction to make sure the surface is completely covered. On rough surfaces, rotate the brush in all directions to ensure you’ve covered everything evenly. If you’re using a roller, try to vary the angle of your strokes.