Eat In Colour – Summer Cake


Summer Cake

Summer is around the corner, get ready for some exciting, fresh and vibrant colours.

We have this delectable mouth-watering cake recipe from The Story of Cake blog.

We also have the following summer colours you can use to prepare your space for Summer: Angelina (OT -9), Canterbury Bell (OT – 10), Danielle (KD – 3) and Ice Cream (KD -1), all from Shaves  Colour Collection 3. In stores now!



1 corpus on a large plate

5 pcs of eggs (separately white and egg yolks)

3 tbsp + 2 tbsp Semolina sugar

1 tbsp water

5 tbsp semi-flour flour (sliced)

1/2 pack of baking powder

1 tbsp cocoa


400 ml whipped cream

1tbsp  semolina sugar

150 g chocolate (at least 52%)

2 ribbons of whipped cream

250 g mascarpone

1 vanilla sugar

Raspberry jelly


Cream to kill the whole cake

200 g of frozen raspberries

1tbsp  sugar

250 g mascarpone

200 ml whipped cream

50 g butter

Fruit for decoration


  1. First, we will cook corpses – it’s actually a classic spoon on a roll. I have knocked a double dose to make the tortich larger. We heat the oven at 180 degrees.
  2. Salt the eggs with 3 tbsp sugar, water.
  3. Separately mix the baking powder with baking powder and add sliced cocoa.
  4. Slice whites with 2 tbsp sugar separately.
  5. Add the flour mixture to the yolk mixture. Finally, we also work on whipped whites.
  6. Pour the baking sheet onto the baking sheet with baking paper. Bake for about 15 minutes.
  7. Spread the worktop with semolina and rotate the baked dough and place it on a tapped plate. Carefully pull the baking paper. Cut the cake into three long strips and add the raspberry jar.


  1. For the day before, make cream with chocolate and 1tbsp of sugar. Let cool in the refrigerator.
  2. On the second day, we rip it along with the ribbons.
  3. Separately we whip mascarpone with vanilla sugar. Finally, add the whipped cream to the mascarpone.
  4. Lay the cream on the corrugated sheets of the corpus.
  5. Finished and coated sheets are now rolled up and placed on a plate or on a cake tray. We do it gradually, first we fold the first plate and where it ends, we “stick” the next one and then we put the next one, until we have the cake of the desired diameter (I had two cabinets of 6 long slices, I cut them to shorter, 12 sheets) …. For a better idea, look at the video where I can see pretty nicely how I went.
  6. When all the plates are glued, put the cake into the refrigerator.


  1. Prepare the cake cream by smearing the thawed raspberries with 1tbsp sugar. Pass through the sieve and let it cool down.
  2. Separate the mascarpone with butter separately.
  3. Slice whipping cream separately.
  4. Raspberries are blended into mascarpone. Finally, we also mix whipped cream.
  5. Cake the whole cake with this cream and let it solidify in the refrigerator.