DIY Advice: Helpful tips when painting

Painting the walls of your home is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to personalize your home and add a touch of life to every corner. However, going into this project blindly can result in messy mistakes and frustrating results.



  • To outsmart paint splatter

Use a rubber band to wipe excess paint on instead of the using the rim. Along with preventing splatters, it will also keep the rim from getting all caked up.


  • Cleaning paint from your paint brush

Squeeze out excess paint using newspaper.

Brush out on the newspaper to remove most of the paint.

Using a container of clean water, rub the bristle in the water until most of the colour has been removed, or rinse under a running tap.

Wash brush thoroughly with soap & water

Rinse again with clean water

Shake to remove excess water, and dry with an old cloth

Store clean brush in a plastic bag */cling wrap/brown paper/cardboard ‘wedge’ with a rubber band wrapped around it.

  • Always use masking tape

By placing this tape over the moulding and along the edges, you can easily avoid messy lines. Always purchase good quality masking tape which is of a high quality, durable and seals tight for a razor-sharp line. However, you won’t save any time or money by using scotch tape as the variations may pull the paint off the wall and leave unsightly spots.

  • Paint drying

It’s very important to remember that PVA or water based paints are touch dry in an hour, but can only be recoated after 2hrs. Oil based or enamel paints are touch dry in 4hrs, but can only be recoated after 12hrs (or overnight). Please note all paints are fully cured (hard dry) after 7 days.