Shave Decor For The Kids

At Shave’s we love helping you create ideal children’s spaces with our wide range of wallpapers,
fabrics, and of course, latest colour and paint trends.

So whether you are decorating a nursery, wanting to create a safe, fun space for your toddler, or needing to turn a children’s den into a teenage space, we have the ideas and products you need.
One of the many exciting things faced by a mother-to-be is decorating the baby’s nursery. And when the sleepless nights, endless feeds and irregular routines seem like they have become a permanent feature of your life you, thankfully, do reach the next stage. But this also means a bit of re-planning of the living space in your home. And so it goes, until they leave home. But then it’s time to plan the res/dorm room but that’s another blog topic all by itself!
Decorating the nursery is probably as important to the new mum as choosing the name and the final look is one chosen mostly by her. Things get a bit trickier as baby gets older – for a busy toddler there are safety and practical considerations which have to be factored in and then, before she knows what has hit her, she has a fellow decorator demanding Hello Kitty or Ben Ten all over the room.
For toddlers, the two most important factors are that they have a place to play safely as well as a secure cosy bed to encourage them to sleep on their own (they of course don’t realise this). And yes, while your little one may be besotted with Dora the Explorer or Bob the Builder it WILL BE too much to much to decorate the entire room in theme. Rather, choose neutral backdrops for walls and curtains and introduce colour, and the theme with cushion covers, fun accessories, and one of our current favourite trends, removable wall stickers….

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