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DIY Friday: Pallets – Recycle & Upcycle Ideas

#top-bar #homezone {display:none;} #top-bar #profzone {display:block;} Wooden pallets are primarily made for the simple task of helping to move large and heavy objects in warehouses. There are many practical ways of reusing wood pallets, turning them into more useful objects and products. In our effort to show you how you can reuse wooden pallets, we… Details
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DIY Friday

#top-bar #homezone {display:none;} #top-bar #profzone {display:block;} Dp you have leftover wallpaper? Why not make a statement in your home by using them as pictures in your photo frames. Below are a few more examples. Details
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DIY Friday

#top-bar #homezone {display:none;} #top-bar #profzone {display:block;} What a great way to match colours up. Dip the ends of your wooden utensils into your favourite colour paint of choice. Will add a funky twist to your kitchen, or could be given as a gift. Choose a colour from our tester pot stand inside all our stores.… Details
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Home/Tuis Advertorial

#top-bar #homezone {display:none;} #top-bar #profzone {display:block;} Inside the latest June Home/Tuis magazine issue is our Shave Paint & Décor feature. There is also a lovely surprise gift from Shave. Get your copy today!     Details