DIY Advice 1 couch 3 looks

Use scatters to add colour, texture and pattern and to also create a scheme that reflects your personal style.



  1. Vary your scatters

Have fun with your scatters and vary them. Don’t make them blend in instead they should add personality to your space and vary in colour, texture and pattern.


  1. Placement is key 

Scatter cushions can completely transform a space, depending on where they are placed and how they are positioned. You can choose to group scatters of various sizes together, or for a more uniform look, you can choose scatters that are all the same size.

  1. Pick your palette 

A cohesive interior has a definite colour scheme throughout, and scatters provide the ideal means of introducing repeat or related colours into a space.

Select solid colours that work well or choose different patterns or textures that contrast with your sofa but go well with your floor rug, curtains and other décor elements.

  1. The style will dictate the number 


Brightly coloured scatters can add a bright pop of colour to an otherwise drab and dull room.

For a more traditional look stick to an even amount of scatter cushions.

The easiest way to achieve this is to choose two matching solid square colours and position them in the corners of the sofa. Then select two smaller matching patterned scatters and place these in front of the two larger ones.

  1. Shape-up 

The scatter cushions you choose don’t necessarily have to all be the exact same size. Vary the size of the scatters to make your space abto

  1. A treat with texture 


Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different textures – these can add to the aesthetic appeal of a space.

Adding texture keeps a calm, neutral space from seeming boring.


Scatters available at decor stores: Westville, Springfield, Umhlanga and Hillcrest