DIY Advice: Build a Custom TV Frame


Every Lounge needs a TV, but if your décor scheme is very classic and traditional a black TV screen can disrupt your scheme and look out of place.

We have found the greatest solution to help avoid that by concealing your TV in a picture frame.


Shave Shopping List:

-Measuring tape

-Dekade Satin Magic

-Black & Decker Jigsaw (400 watt, single speed) or a normal saw

-Sanding Paper


You will also need


-Wooden frame to fit around TV screen

-Wood strips to build box around TV


  1. Measure TV to ensure frame fits around it perfectly, then measure and make a wooden box to attach to frame. This will help cover the sides of the TV. Allow a few mm on either side so it’s not a tight fit and you have spaces for attaching it to the wall.
  2. When you’ve made your frame box, sand lightly and fill in any cracks with the crack filler.
  3. You can now paint the frame in your preferred colour or varnish, should you wish to use paint techniques be sure to follow the steps indicated on the paint tin.
  4. When the box is completely dry, you can attach it to the wall. Hang your TV on the bracket on the wall. Remember to run the cabling to power supply. (If you don’t want to see cabling you can get trunking which you can then paint the same colour as your wall.


And voila you have the perfect place for your TV without actually seeing it is there.