DIY Advice Choosing your paint colour

Avoid regretting your colour choice. Find out how to pick paint colours and download your FREE Style Guide


  1. The Test Drive


Choose a handful of paint colours or borrow the fandecks at Shaves and take them home and view them in the room you want to paint at different times of the day. Hold them up against existing furniture, curtains and artwork to see if it’s really the colour you want.

On a paint strip, all of the colours are a variation of the same formula. They share the same undertones but have different intensities. The very bottom color will give you the best idea of the undertone and colour family. 


  1. Small Splashes


Go back to Shaves, ask for sample amounts of your favorite colours

Take the samples home and brush them on the walls of your room. Paint broad sections of the wall at eye level. 


  1. Good Advice


Once you’ve settled on the winning hue, consult the experts at Shaves about what sheen to choose.


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