DIY Advice: Coastal-inspired table decor

Following our inspiring tropical table décor ideas last week, we thought we should continue with it this week but with a coastal theme.

Creating a coastal/seaside/beach theme-inspired table setting is actually very easy to do yourself, even if you don’t have anything that is beach themed we have a few ideas for you.

For decorations, if you don’t have anything at home; take a walk along the beach, collecting shells and drift wood and even some sand. With these items you can start creating your own pieces of art for your table.

Here are some ideas to recreate the beach look:

Table cloth or runner: Here we see Aqua is used as the primary colour for the table cloth, you could also add in a Hessian table cloth if you want to stick to the more natural colour way.

Seaside Centre Piece: With your collection of sand and shells add them to a glass vase of your choice, using the sand as your base then position some shells on top of the sand. To add some height and fun to the vase why not add in a piece of tall coral: now if you don’t have one of you own you can easily make one (See below for steps) you can then add candles as well.

Alternative options: A large Hurricane or Clam Shell can be used instead of the glass vase, for a modern twist you could add some succulents to these items.

Plate settings: You could use white or aqua under plates or even jute placemats to add some character to under your plates.

Name Tags: Entertaining a large group adding name tags at each setting using beach inspired stationary works well, or if you are creative you could use flat shells and write the names on them and place them on a napkin on the plate.

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To make a coral Branch:

1: find a branch and shape it to your desired shape by removing excess branches/twigs.

2: Spray paint it in the colour of your choice – A matt spray with give the best sea inspired finish

3. Leave it to dry and then place in your centre piece.