DIY Advice: Decorate in Navy

Decorate in Navy

Navy blue is such a bold and beautiful colour, but it can also serve as a neutral colour in a room. It is smooth and sophisticated and ranges in shade from mid-tone to nearly black.

The best thing about navy, is that it goes with almost every colour.

There are specific ways you can use navy blue in your home:

1.    Paint Your Walls Navy


Navy is extremely versatile and works in almost every style of decor. Use it on the walls when you want to go dark but not quite black.

Use it as a contrast against white trim and interesting architectural details. Use it as a way to give a boring box more depth and interest.

2.    Bring in Navy Furniture


If you aren’t up for painting an entire room navy blue, that’s okay. Navy blue is a perfect colour for an upholstered piece of furniture.

Whether it’s a couch, chairs, headboard, or even a lovely little ottoman, navy blue furniture will add beauty to any room.

Navy blue can also be perfect in a living room, whether in the form of accent chair or a sofa.

3.    Add Navy Accesories


Looking for just a pop of navy in your home? Adding a pillow, rug, lamps, or small navy blue accessories can add the perfect amount of navy blue decor you are looking for without a huge commitment.