DIY Advice: Tips on Painting Your Feature Wall In A Bright Colour

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Be Brave & Paint Your Feature Wall In A Bright Colour

Here are 3 Tips to help you get the best results

Tip 1: Always start by using a primer on your walls before painting a bright colour. When you don’t use a primer, any spot, speck or previous bit of colour will show through. It also makes for a perfect colour application showing its truest potential.

Tip 2:  Accent with more than white & black. Any colour when it’s at its brightest can easily be accented with white or black, by collaborating it with another bright colour. This creates personality to your space.

Tip 3:  Allow yourself time to get used to the colour, a bold colour can be scary but allow yourself time to get used to it and let it settle in your home. Soon you will realise you love it!