DIY Advice: Rejuvenate your mirror and picture frames.

Changing your décor scheme can mean some items you have no longer fit in; instead of spending more money in replacing them why not paint them?

So we took an old picture frame that didn’t go with the décor scheme, and updated the colour.

IMG_7775 (Large)

Shave’s Shopping List:

  • Marshalls Spray Paint – Gold
  • Drop Sheet
  • Optional: Sandpaper, newspaper

Where to do it: You will want to find somewhere you can do the painting, if you are doing it outside try find somewhere that’s not too windy, as dust/dirt can blow onto your frame as you’re spraying.

Remember and protect the surface you are spraying on with a Drop Sheet.

What to do: First thing you need to do is remove the glass and picture and keep it somewhere safe.

IMG_7777 (Large)

If the frame is carved like this one was then we would suggest taking a dry paint brush and brush over the frame to remove any dust or dirt.

You can then lightly sand the frame, not too much as to cause damage to the frame.

IMG_7784 (Large)

Place it on your drop sheet, follow the shaking instructions on the spray can, shake the spray paint for 30 seconds, then keeping about 15cm away from the frame do a light spray over the frame and around its sides…

Always do light spray first to get consistent coverage.

IMG_7786 (Large)  IMG_7788 (Large)

When spraying keep to one side to the other side and up and down rule to make sure you have an even finish.

Leave the first coat to dry for about 10 mins (drying doesn’t take long) you can then do another coat.

When that is dried you can turn it over to paint the other side.

IMG_7791 (Large)

Please note I used newspaper as my drop sheet was cloth, once you’ve sprayed one side replace sheet of newspaper for the other side as if the paint is slightly wet it will stick to the newspaper.

Tip: The plastic drop sheet is the better option, it doesn’t need to be washed and can be easily to dispose of.

When both sides are dry do a close up check of the frame to see if you have covered it all, if not  spray it but keeping to the side to side motion to get an even finish.

Here’s the end result:   

                                    BEFORE                                                                                                   AFTER

IMG_7775 (Large)   IMG_7807 (Large)