DIY Advice: Tropical-inspired table decor

With summer fast approaching it means more for outdoor entertaining, and that means getting creative with table settings.

We are very inspired by the latest trend of tropical table décor. The must have for this trendy table setting is plant leaves, the best options would be either to use delicious monster leaves or a philodendron leaf. Both can be found in many gardens or garden centres. The great thing about these leaves is that they can  be used in arrangements in a vase or because they are flat they can also be placed on the table as a runner or as placemats

Are you tempted to try this trend? not sure how? First thing to do is decide on your colour scheme. if you want a natural look, start by using either wood inspired placemats or hessian table overlays or runners.You can then add your plant leaves under the plates as placemats or for visual effect or in a clear glass vase. Bringing in colour to this trend is so easy, take inspiration from tropical flowers and just add it in as table linen such as napkins, Adding some metallic will add some sophistication to this gorgeous look runners and table cloths.

The next big thing that is a must for this themed table idea…Pineapples!!

In any way and form, pineapples look great as centre-pieces, grouped with other fruits or something completely different. We have been inspired to find ways to incorporate them into this look as part of your décor. Have you ever thought of a pineapple as something you could paint so it could blend in well with your décor?

Well now we show you just how you can:

As pineapples like some other fruit and vegetables have a hard skin that needs to be removed before consuming, which makes it the perfect starting place to paint. And it is so easy to do.

Steps to follow:

  1. Choose your preferred spray paint colour- Bright, Pastel or Metallic spray paint ( we have lots to choose from in store)
  2. Using a drop sheet or newspaper place the pineapple standing up on, then evenly start spraying it. (You decide if you want to paint the whole fruit or just parts like the head or base).
  3. Leave it to dry overnight .
  4. You  have a finished gorgeous piece of décor that’s ready to be set on your table.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we have also found a way to utilise the pineapple as a vase for flowers after you have sprayed it:

  1. Cut the top of the pineapple off ( this would be the spiky head)
  2. Then you cut and remove the fruit from the inside, this may take a while but you can eat the pineapple whilst doing in or add to a fruit salad to be served when entertaining guests.
  3. Take an old plastic bottle and cut the top off and enough to fit into the pineapple
  4. Add water to the ‘bottle’
  5. You can then add your desired flowers
So with those 2 things you can create your own tropical table setting your way
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