Dress My Nest 107

Decorating with florals doesn’t mean using small floral prints that look busy and become an eyesore, instead using contemporary designs where flowers are printed in large scale can help you recreate that botanical look you want.

In this room we see how a ‘plain’ space is given character with the over-sized flowers which give it a refreshing look. Keeping your upholstery and scatters simple works best with the large floral or they become a bit ghastly mixed with other patterns. Although this doesn’t mean you can’t bring in natural textures like wood or just like the flowers, never be scared to bring in bold plain colours to accentuate the florals designs all giving you the perfect botanical inspired look.

We can recommend the following colours to create this look : Hot Lips (CL-1) and Polo Stick (CC-1) from Shave’s Colour Collection II and Honeycomb (8112-5) from Dekade’s colour range.

Eijfinger floral wallpaper available to order in all our Shave decor stores.c14cf8_436ad524e39448459d08d6e0bd4db0fb