Dress My Nest 123

Rustic Elegance, the wedding trend that you can now bring into your home.

Rustic Elegance embraces nature, and in nature we feel at peace. This trend incorporates distressed wood finishes, florals, and organic patterns, which help to bring a bit of the outdoors—in.

Unlike very traditional or modern trends, Rustic Elegance isn’t controlled by a list of do’s and dont’s. Like nature, it’s a fluid mixture of organic elements and feminine elegance. You can incorporate shabby chic décor, coastal décor, and any antique items into your Rustic Elegance scene at home and still remain true to the trend.

When it comes to colour in your home, white or cream is always the main colour choice. White is a versatile colour to add other colours into, for this theme you would bring in a lot of wood and natural elements like wood and greener so opt for colours that go well with these items. We recommend the following paint colours to create this look: Parisan Pink (FQ-8), Pink Cameo (CC-7) and Polo Stick (CC-1) from the Shave’s Colour Collection II and Lady Fern (8594-5) from Dekade’s colour range.

As this trend is so versatile it can be dressed up or down, and isn’t too feminine for shared spaces and family rooms. (You can give it a more masculine air by working with darker wood pieces and opting for wood accents instead of using floral or, play up the trend’s femininity with bling, from crystal chandeliers and leather chairs, Modern styles can be mixed in effortlessly.