Dress My Nest 132


Pastel shades tend to be favoured during the Easter holidays, cute little bunnies with their chocolate eggs bouncing around everywhere with pastel pink blue, green and yellow ribbons in their ears.

Why not use pastel shades in your home, use white as your base colour as it allows for easier blending. If you fancy something a bit pink use it as you accent colour, by painting a big piece of furniture, reupholstering a chair, using wallpaper or painting a wall. You can also bring in other pastel colours through small elements such as scatters, glass ware and flowers.

These colours can transcend into any theme you would like to use and give it a fresh yet elegant touch.
We recommend the following paint colours to create this look: Polo Stick (CC-1), Pink Cameo (CC-7), Palm Breeze (CC-5) and Bonaparte Blue (FQ-5) from the Shave’s Colour Collection II