Dress My Nest 26

Light grey and red can create a variety of moods: historic, nautical, French. Darker grey and red is a strong, somewhat heavy combination with a solid, masculine feel.

Deep gray walls create a cozy haven, making red accents even more dramatic.

True red is a dramatic and dominant hue that stimulates in large doses and adds a fantastic spark when used as an accent. With dark wood or antique pieces, red leans traditional, but when given a glossy sheen and paired with lacquered pieces, red is modern and fabulous. Barn and brick reds lend a cottage feel whereas berry or coral reds inject vibrancy and femininity.

Red paint packs a punch when used on a wall – choose deep garnet and mix with global textiles for an exotic feel, or a brighter shade balanced with white for pleasant contrast.

We recommend using Mr Grey & Sunset Sari from our Shaves Colour Collection.