How to style your sofa

We think this post by Elle Décor shows perfectly how even a beautiful sofa can fall flat without the right design elements.

While a sofa has functionality in a lounge it also has to look the part. A bland off balance sofa can look very drab. It is important to style your sofa which will instantly add character to your room.

Picture 1:
Here we see that the room lacks character and balance.  The lamp and small frames look disproportionate to the sofa and the cushions make no impact.
Picture 2:
The transformation has begun by using a statement art piece, the addition of a green plant, new lighting and a bright rug which brings out the shade of the sofa
Picture 3: The final and pleasing result. The addition of larger scatters and a throw has transformed this seating space whilst adding comfort,  creating a stylish updated sofa.

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