Inspiration Board

  1. Put positive affirmations and reassuring quotes at the top of your inspiration board so you see them first and remain inspired or become reinspired
  2. Put personal photos close to the top as memories and people you love remind you to keep working and be motivated
  3. Put the things you are working on in the dead centre of your board to help you prioritise, keep on track and work towards achieving your goals
  4. Put a picture of something urelated that captures your eye daily so that you look at your inspiration board daily even if it is not consciously
  5. Put colour palletes of whatever you are working on in the bottom corner of your inspiration board as it is easy to reach and you can chop and change it when necessary.

Put any image of the life or goal that reminds you of what you aspire to and put it at eye level on your inspiration board so that you are aware and reminded of your aspirations constantly.