Paint Problems and Solutions: Cracking and Flaking Exterior

How to spot it? 

Cracking then flaking of your exterior walls is characterised by the splitting of dry paint film through at least one coat of paint. Initially this will appear as hairline cracks then eventually the paint begins to flake.


  • Use of low quality paint
  • Spreading paint too thin
  • Poor surface preparation
  • Painting under cool or windy conditions which causes the paint to dry too fast


If cracking does NOT go down to substrate:

  1. Remove loose paint by scraping it off
  2. Sand to feather down the edges and prime the bare spots
  3. Repaint with a quality exterior paint such as Dekade Ultradek

If cracking does go down to substrate: 

  1. Remove all the paint
  2. Prime wood with Dulux Wood Primer or walls with Dekade Plaster Primer
  3. Apply Dulux Crackfiller where necessary and then paint with a quality paint, we recommend Dekade Ultradek

Shaves Shopping List:

  • Scraper
  • Sandpaper
  • Plaster Primer
  • Hamilton’s Kwikflo (use only once if used to apply Plaster Primer)
  • Dulux Crackfiller
  • Dulux Pre-Paint Dampshield
  • Dekade Ultradek
  • Shaves Painter’s Kit

These products are all available in our stores and make sure you consult in-store for the best method to treat your paint problems.

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