Paint Problems & Solutions: Peeling Interior Paint

Common Paint Problems & Solutions: Peeling Interior Paint

How to spot it?

Peeling on your interior walls is characterised by the slight cracking of paint and the gentle peeling off of paint from the substrate or painted surface.


Commonly caused by moisture that originates from behind the paint.

Moisture can be due to:

  • High humidity in areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, hot tub, wet basement areas
  • Leaking from outside coming in which wets the plaster therefore separating the paint from the substrate.


  • Ensure proper ventilation in high moisture areas
  • Repair leaks from the exterior
  • Scrape away old peeling paint and spot prime the bare area then paint over with a high-quality paint

Shaves Shopping List

  • Scraper
  • Classic Utility Trayset
  • Dulux PrePaint Dampshield
  • Masking tape
  • Gold Label Matt or Sheen

These products are all available in our stores and make sure you consult in-store for the best method to waterproof your home.

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