Valentine’s Day DIY

You don’t have to break the bank with expensive gifts to impress your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, a simple personalised gift can mean so much more.

  • Two lovers sitting in a tree 

Create a pretty hand drawn picture of your loved ones names next to each other on a tree and frame it. An easy way to show you care


  • Personalised wine bottle table décor

Simply paint an old wine bottle and tie a few paper or cardboard hearts to it with yarn and viola, you have beautiful table décor.


  • Fingerprint heart plate

Dip your fingers in paint and make heart shapes onto a ceramic plate. The whole family can join in and this can even be a sentimental heirloom for generations.


  • Personalised Valentine’s pillow

Create your own stencil and put a personalised message or artwork on a pillow that your loved ones can cherish forever.

  • Button Heart Canvas

Sew big and small buttons on a canvas into the shape of heart then you can tie a cute little bow into one of the buttons to express your love.