Paintable Wallpaper

Can’t decide if you want to paint or wallpaper a room? Paintable textured wallpaper gives you the best of both worlds: a textured surface that you can paint in any colour you desire. Though paintable wallpaper has been around for quite some time, it has recently come back into popularity due to its versatility and…


Plascon Paint Trends 2019

  Plascon Paint Trends 2019 Monotone Layering shades of the same colour makes for a sophisticated restrained look. It’s a visual language that continues to gain popularity in a number of disciplines from paint and furniture to textiles and fashion. Door frames and mouldings Painting door frames, skirting boards and mouldings in white will forever…


Dulux Rich Matt Interior Paint

Put a fresh coat of paint in your home to embrace the start of the year. Use Dulux Rich Matt which has a fashionably premium ultra matt finish that will hide minor plaster imperfections and provide superior stain resistance so your walls look new all year round. Click here to find your nearest Shaves: https://www.shavepaints.co.za/find-a-shave-store/  …